The Best Shoe Storage Ideas

Footwear is a necessity of life. But how we choose to deal with that seemingly endless collection of shoes is another matter entirely. Here are some great shoe storage ideas to keep your footgear organized and in great shape.

Clear Shoe Boxes

Inexpensive see-through boxes can easily sort out the entanglement of shoes found at the bottom of your closet. They’ll all be stored into pairs so you’ll never have to waste time looking for a lost sole, pardon the pun. You can then organize the containers into categories however you’d like – by color, season, or style – making them easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

Over-the-door Hangers

The back of a door is a great underused space for keeping casual shoes ready-to-go when you are. An economical pocket shoe storage solution can house your flats, slippers, sandals, and flip flops, for both adults and kids alike. If you hang an over-the door hanger lower within their reach, kids can learn to pick up and put away their own shoes effortlessly.

Room to Spare

If you’ve got room, consider a library-style bookshelf where you can display some of your most-prized shoes. A sliding drawer underneath your stairs can turn wasted space into an organized shoe heaven, while a spinning shoe tree will give you easy access as you make your selection for the day. Or night.

Shoe Cabinet Folio

A shoe cabinet folio is a great way to declutter and store your shoes while maintaining a sleek look. No one will even know you’re what you’re hiding behind the closed cabinet doors as it looks just like another furniture piece.

Under-the-bed Storage

Another untapped space for shoe storage is a rollable shoe trolley that fits under your bed. This functional piece tends to work best with flats due to the limited available height, but you can also lay boots on their sides if you’re lacking additional storage space.

A well-organized collection of shoes means you can go about your day quicker and more efficiently as you’ll never have to look for a missing shoe again! You’ll thank yourself daily for spending a bit of time and effort to finally organize your footwear once and for all.

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