Modern and contemporary interior designing

Interior designing is the art of enhancing the interior of a building with an aim to add to its aesthetic beauty and comfort. Modern and contemporary interior design are the two common methods of interior designing.


Interior designing has become a major part of peoples lives nowadays. This article will expound on the two methods of interior designing and their differences and similarities.

Similarities between modern and contemporary interior designing

There are many similarities between these two methods of interior designing hence making many people to almost be unable to tell them apart. The first similarity lies on how they both employ a lot of artistic features in their styles in a simple way and in a spacious manner. They both do not prefer use of heavy elements for decorations. If you compare both of these styles you will not miss out on noting that their furniture has exposed legs and wood. Another important aspect you will always notice is that the two methods of interior designing use shiny metals and reflecting glass items for decoration.

Differences between modern and contemporary interior designing

It is not an entirely difficult job to tell the two methods apart since there many aspects that differentiate them if you look closely. The first aspect occurs in their color patterns. Modern method mostly employs use of natural and neutral colors while its counterpart uses black and white colors and some times other colors may set in but in their pure forms only. In modern method almost all features are functional while in contemporary method, they are mostly artistic.

How to select between the two methods of interior designing

The most important thing to consider when choosing between these methods is their evolution versus your budget. This is because contemporary method changes more frequently hence you will be required to facelift it more often and this comes with an added cost. The other most important thing is to look for a guide to take you through this process. You may refer to guide to contemporary and modern interior designs by a renown interior design company called Tylko.


In conclusion, before you select between modern and contemporary methods if interior designing to furnish your house, you need to find a perfect guide to walk you through the process. Tylko could be your long time solution, give it a try.