Ideas to help you create a breakfast nook

Whatever you’re doing with your living space, a breakfast nook is an ideal place to start your day. Incorporating a breakfast nook into your house is a great way of making the most of the extra space in and around your kitchen. Bring in a combination of chairs, built-ins, dimmable light fixtures, banquettes, and throw pillows to create a cozy ambiance. Your newly-built breakfast nook can also serve as a homework station or an intimate spot for candlelit dinners. Here’s how you create an amazing breakfast nook.

Create a black and white nook

Hang an array of white and black photographs on the walls of your nook and punctuate the classic color palette with pops of gold and a light wooden pedestal table. You can paint the entire wall white.

A built-in bench

A built-in bench works perfectly for a small pace and a long dining table. Spruce up the bench with colorful pillows, and a long seating pad in neutral colors for additional comfort. You can change the pillows with seasons to create different styles and looks for your breakfast nook.

Take advantage of bay windows

Let your nook follow the lines of the bay window in your house to create a curvaceous eating spot. Choose a rounded table to follow the harmony created, and add pops of color to create an appealing atmosphere.

It takes a creative eye and simplicity to create a living paradise. A breakfast nook might be the only place your home has been waiting for.