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The first smart tool to create and upload your custom GIF to Instagram and many other socialmedia.

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Design your GIF

We'll design custom GIFs for your brand. What used to take hours to design, now it's only a tap away.

Publish your GIF

Your newly designed GIFs will be instantly published on every social network platform. Pretty handy, huh?

Grow your brand

Your customers will be able to search for and share your GIFs, and this will increase awareness for your brand.

Get that WOW!

Meet "Hamburger Club". They didn't know how to increase the onlinepresence of their brand.

Now, their customers just open Instagram, search for "Hamburger Club", and click on their GIF to share it in their stories!

All of this does not only belong to Instagram: their GIF can also be shared on Whatsapp or Telegram!

Get your GIF: it's trendy now!


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GIF publishing

Shareable GIF

Custom GIF design

Custom research tags

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GIF publishing

Shareable GIF

Custom GIF design

Custom research tags

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“ Gifference is a must-have for any company, influencer, blogger or brand who want to increase its visibility online. ”

John Cirry


“ It's awesome! In one click, you get work done that used to take hours to complete. ”

Mary Potter


“ Gifference is the best tool I've used to create GIFs for my brand. Highly recommended. ”

Lucas Hood


“ I had no visibility before, and now my followers share my GIF everywhere. Unbelievably fast with Gifference! ”

Henry Smith

Business Man

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